3 tips for maintaining brand consistency when printing

3 tips for maintaining brand consistency when printing

3 tips for maintaining brand consistency when printing

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No matter your business, your brand speaks louder than the products or services you offer. It’s what makes you recognisable to customers, shapes how they see you, and can help drive engagement with your business.

Creating a strong brand image takes more than just a logo that pops, a catchy tagline or the perfect product. If your brand looks inconsistent, customers begin to question if it’s the right choice for them, and you may start to come across as untrustworthy or unprofessional. Maintaining consistency in all aspects of your business helps protect your brand and the trust and loyalty that comes along with it.

The team at Quality Press have come up with a few tips to help maintain the brand you’ve built up and ensure customers see you in the best light!


#1: Make sure you have (and stick to) brand guidelines.

Your brand is much more than a logo, font and colour scheme. A good brand should have guidelines that reflect how it wants to be viewed by customers. This may include:

  • Brand Values
  • Brand Vision
  • Key Messages about who you are and what you do
  • Tone of Voice in your communications
  • Any other relevant factors about how you should be represented in, and showcasing to, your market.

Your brand guidelines don’t have to be static, they can evolve over time with business and market changes, but make sure as you update them, you are updating other factors of your business.

Anywhere your brand can be seen, look at how you currently present yourself. Does it adhere to your current guidelines?


#2: Conduct an audit to see if your brand image is consistent

The key to maintaining strong brand consistency is to perform regular audits on all facets of your business. By regularly reviewing your efforts, you can see if over time, you have slowly changed parts of your business without refreshing others or if your original brand image needs updating to keep up with changing trends.

Once you’ve got your core brand guidelines, you can start to ask questions like:

  • Does all of our collateral (packaging, vehicle wraps, promotional material, uniforms) have the most current business logos and colours?
  • Is the quality of this collateral consistent with the brand image? E.g. If you are a luxury brand, are your business cards flimsy and plain? Or are they on premium card stock with the embossing and luxury feel that your brand embodies?
  • Does the inside of your office or warehouse show off your company well? Check for signs like fading signage and chipped paint, and think about how a new customer would feel seeing these factors


A full overhaul of your logo and brand isn’t always needed, it can just be as simple as ensuring that every point of contact a customer may have with your brand exhibits your brand to the highest quality.


3: Identify how else you can showcase your brand

While printing staples like business cards and pull up banners are a great starting point, there is limitless potential for showcasing your brand, no matter the industry. Ask yourself if there are any touchpoints that your customers may have with your brand that you may not be harnessing.

  • Do you have sales or service representatives driving around? Make sure their vehicles are wrapped for mobile advertising of your business! 
  • Stand out at your next trade show with a full wall vinyl print to compliment your pull-up banners and wow people as they walk past.
  • Is your packaging solution bland and generic? From a product’s box to the cardboard it’s shipped in, consider customising colours, logos and shapes to ensure the customer experience is consistent throughout. 
  • Consider improving the card stock or finish on your existing printed marketing material. Would a thicker card stock or a matte vs gloss finish work best?

How Quality Press can help

Quality Press has been at the forefront of printing since its inception, and we’ve made a name for ourselves as the One-Stop Shop for Commercial Printing Solutions for Australian businesses. Shopping around to different printing suppliers can be stressful, and ensuring quality control over every item can lead to more than a few grey hairs. We pride ourselves on listening to your business needs, building trust and producing the highest quality products for our clients. We also take the time to understand your brand as a whole and provide guidance on how best to showcase yourselves in the market.

If it’s time to refresh your current print offerings, or you’d like to explore new ways that you can showcase your brand with new printing solutions, please contact our friendly team today. We’d love to hear from you!

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