Choosing the right event signage for your business

Choosing the right event signage for your business

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Choosing the right event signage for your business

No matter if it’s an exhibition, conference, trade show, market stall or permanent installation, event signage is critical to ensure your company makes the most of any event. The right event branding allows you to tap into a wider community and boosts your ability to showcase your company!

Find the best way to show yourself off

Don’t go into an event without a plan. Knowing what your brand is known for, who your customers are, what products or services you would like to showcase and how those can be showcased is key to the start of your signage journey.

When designing your event signage, make sure your brands core values are on display. This may be the first time a potential customer sees your brand, so make sure you put your best foot forward. It pays off to spend time designing a cohesive branding strategy alongside using the highest quality signage.

Think outside the box

Talk to the event organisers about all the various sponsorship opportunities on offer and see what is available. Infrequently thought of options like directional or wayfinding signage or crowd control options are appealing choices for brands trying to maximise the number of eyes on your company.

Adding QR codes to your designs can ensure customers have quick access to your website, contact forms, videos, PDFs and more as they pass by. They may not stop and chart, but they simply scan and take that information with them. A great option when combined with giveaways tied to your event.

Floor graphics can also be used to direct traffic directly to your booth location or other hotspots in a fun and creative way while using free visual real estate. Make sure you ask the right questions about what is available to you.

Use your space effectively

Making sure you use your space effectively will allow you to guide passers-by eyes to you where they may otherwise miss you. Pull-up banners and backdrops can bring a splash of colour and intrigue, drawing their eyes to a core product or service that they may want to learn more about. Customise the sizing on your hanging banners, corflute signage and more to ensure the space doesn’t look too crowded or barren.

Combine your marketing efforts

Using event signage is a proven way to get your company noticed and increase foot traffic towards you, but make sure you stay at the top of their minds with the right physical marketing. Brochures, pamphlets, giveaways (like stickers or calendars) and even business cards allow users to take your brand with them long after they have visited you. Don’t just hope smooth talking will win you a new customer, provide them with a strong value-add that fulfils their needs.


How Quality Press can help

From concept to execution, our design team in Perth can assist your company in creating the perfect Event Signage solution. With our extensive experience in the creative industry and a profound knowledge of all printing processes available, Quality Press has no match.

Our design team resides in one of the biggest printing facilities in Western Australia, giving us first-hand experience with everything our machines do and removes the back-and-forth of using a third party printer for any last minute changes.

Using state-of-the-art large format printers, we are able to create banners, corflute signs, posters, fabric backdrops, pull up banners and so much more to fulfil any event signage need you may have.

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