Calendar Printing

Calendar Printing

“I’ve got a calendar on my phone. Why do I need one on the wall?”

You may have heard this, you may have even said it, but you might be surprised to know that custom wall calendars and branded calendars have never gone out of fashion, and in fact continue to be one of the most popular forms of printed marketing materials we produce.

Whether intended as a promotional tool or as a corporate gift, when you print a calendar you are actually producing a twelve-month piece of marketing collateral that your customers and clients can use all year round (unlike some printed materials, which can quickly become out of date).

A custom print calendar is also very versatile, as it is not only is it a practical tool that will be consulted and used regularly, but can also be used to showcase a variety of your business’ key message, products and services.

Essentially, when you print your own calendar, you are getting a highly versatile promotional tool that offers exceptional value for money.

How does printing a calendar help your business?

Any business owner knows the importance of printed marketing materials and collateral, and that practical gifts that clients can use are often the most valued and appreciated type. This is because they act as a subtle yet effective way of forging an ongoing connection with clients and potential customers.

In the case of service industries — particularly those who provide on-call or emergency services — a calendar is also an aide memoire, in that it makes it quick and easy for clients to access your contact details when they need them in a hurry.

A calendar also has the advantage of being the perfect Christmas gift to clients, as it will help to make sure that your name and brand is at the forefront of customer’s minds right from the beginning of the new year.

Calendar printing can also encourage a sense of reciprocity, i.e., clients will value the thought and effort that went into its production, and so may well be more disposed to contact and engage with you as a result.

Types of calendars

One of the benefits of a custom print calendar is that it can be configured in a range of ways. At Quality Press, before we print a calendar we discuss with you your specific needs and how you expect the calendar to be distributed and used, and what you would like its key messages to be.

In this way, you can be sure that your custom wall calendars or branded calendars are connecting with your customers and are in line with your branding and overall style.

Saddlestiched Calendars

This is probably one of the most popular styles of calendar that we deign and print, and is certainly one of the most versatile and cost-effective when being produced in large quantities.

Designed to display horizontally, these are printed and bound with staples in the middle, so that a book effect is produced. There is a hole at the top on the upper page, so that the calendar is easy to mount on a hook, or with a pin on a notice board. There is usually an image on the upper page, with the calendar set out on the lower of the two pages.

Wire Bound Hanging Calendars

If you really want to make an impact when you print a calendar, this is one of the most effective ways of doing it.

Able to be designed and printed up to A3 size, wire bound hanging calendars are a wonderful opportunity to display images at their very best, while still providing a clear and easy-to-read calendar.

Desk Calendar with Base

This is the ideal calendar for your business customers, as you can ensure that your brand is on their desk in front of them every day.

Designed to stand upright, this type of custom print calendar can be printed in a range of sizes, from DL or A5, right up to A4. There are two formats to choose from — tent folded, which will usually show the entire year, or wire bound, which usually displays a month at a time, and can incorporate images as well.

Fridge Calendars

The fridge is probably the most frequently used household appliance, so it makes sense to use it as a means of promoting your business.

Our calendar printing service includes a range of colourful fridge calendars. They can be designed so that the entire backing is a magnet, or simply with a small magnet attached to the rear, and can be printed either in DL or A5 size.

Fridge calendars can be designed to include your logo, brand colours and images if required, and feature a full 12-month calendar.

Large Print Calendars for Visually Impaired People

We want our calendars to be as widely accessible as possible, and so we also produce calendars designed to help people with a visual impairment.

Large print, monthly calendars are designed using a font size and colour that is clear and easy to read, ideal for anyone whose sight is impaired. A further benefit is that there is plenty of space available each day to write down appointments and reminders. Our large print calendars can also be bound in different ways, depending on your needs.

Desk Planners

Not everyone is committed to using iCal or Google calendar — there are still plenty of people who value a desktop planner that enables meetings, appointments and reminders to be written in by hand. There is something far more personal about a handwritten diary that makes people value them over and above electronic planners, which is why they continue to be widely used.

Our personalised desk calendars and planners are the ideal promotional gift, as they are an invaluable tool that gets daily use, and which can incorporate your branding into the design.

Custom Design Your Own Calendar

If you have a particular calendar design that you want to create, we can cater for your specific needs. We offer a custom print calendar service that enables you to fully personalise your corporate gifts and other promotional tools, so that when you print a calendar for your clients you are actually creating a high status piece of collateral. This can incorporate your company branding, so it also provides a constant presence in the mind of your customers and potential clients.

However, we can also work with you to create a calendar design if you don’t already have one. In addition, this is a product that we can print for you annually, so that preparing gifts each year for your customers is quick and easy to do.

Why Choose Quality Press When You Want to Print a Calendar?

As print professionals with long-standing experience in the industry, we have the equipment and expertise to print a calendar and other marketing materials to your precise specifications. Our specialist calendar printing service means you can choose from a variety of paper weights and styles (all of which are recyclable), using advanced printing equipment that brings the brightest, most vibrant colours to life.

You also have a range of options when it comes to the shape and size of your custom wall calendars, branded calendars and other marketing collateral (including A0 and A1 sizes), meaning you can fully customise your corporate gifts to include your branding, company logo and images.

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