Making the most of your Newsletters

Making the most of your Newsletters

Making the most of your Newsletters

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For years, “old media” has been pronounced dead, replaced by digital counterparts in e-zines, e-newsletters, blogs and social media presence. While true that print media is no longer the quickest or easiest way to get your message to your target audience, the reports of print media’s death are wildly inaccurate. Printed newsletters are still incredibly effective tools to reach your target audience, inform, engage, convert sales and in most cases, have a much stronger ROI than their digital competition.

Why Printed Newsletters in 2023?

Each and every users case is different, but working within the industry tells us a few reasons that companies who use print marketing are successful:

  • Nostalgia – People still love getting things in the mail, even in 2023
  • Longer Shelf Life – Instead of being ignored amongst hundreds of other emails or social media posts, printed versions are left on kitchen counter tops, coffee tables and in common areas in offices and homes for weeks or months at a time
  • Sending to Warm Leads – Those you send to have often subscribed to your business, and have an understanding of your products, services and want to know more. Instead of sending your advertising to thousands of people who may not be interested in you at all, why not target that spend to those you know are interested!
  • Higher Value – Customers place a higher value on printed publications. Email marketing is cheap to produce, but cold to receive and has much lower read rates. Users read printed publications they subscribed to at upwards of 80% and have much higher conversion rates

How to take your Newsletters to the next level

The worst thing you can do when creating a newsletter is to be BORING! When opening up your materials, you want readers to get excited, to dive in deeper and actively read your content.

Spend time designing something eye-catching

Either as standalone content or supporting your digital marketing strategy, your newsletters deserves to be seen. Standing out from the crowd is more than just having the brightest colours or the flashiest logos. Don’t just use templates, choose designs that match with your brand’s image. Contrast colours, use feature images and place your most important information up front! Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Highlight relevant content to your audience

Newsletters allow you to highlight more than just your basic products or services. Your customers love to see content relevant to them, so give them more to read! Look into topics in and around your industry that deserve to be celebrated, whether it be human interest stories, new and exciting developments and even opinion pieces can have people reading your newsletters and sharing the details through word of mouth to their friends and family. 

Make your publication uniquely your own

Custom document sizing, paper quality, ink or colouring can help customers connect with your brand in a much stronger way than a simple email or Facebook post can. Understand your brand image and what your target audience is looking for when deciding how to print. If your audience is environmentally conscious, consider asking your printer to use recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks. If you deal with high-end or luxury products, consider asking for thicker, glossier papers and extras to really stand out.


Print media still converts sales and has readership much higher than its digital counterpart, and is still something you should still consider including in your marketing tool belt in 2023.

Have some ideas on how you can reach your audience with unique publications, but don’t know where to start? We’d love to chat with you! We have over 50 years of experience in high volume and custom printing solutions for businesses in Perth and across the country and know that no business’ needs’ are the same.



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