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Supporting the Community

Supporting the Community

Supporting the Community

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Quality Press takes an active role in assisting many Not for Profit Groups, Community Associations and business networks, to take some of the expense out of their printing and signage needs. For many, printing is an essential element to promoting their cause or event, but is often one of the first items cut, when funds become short or are required elsewhere.

We understand the important role many groups play within our community and the ongoing challenges faced trying to make every dollar go further. As a small business ourselves, we also have to ensure our own business is healthy, has contingencies in place for downturns, and continues to provide meaningful employment to all our staff.  We value the support of our customers and suppliers and know that giving back to the community, is the right thing to do.

Essentially, we look to partner with groups who promote community participation, inclusion and acceptance. And they must deliver positive social and recreational outcomes, whilst respecting our environment.

Our community partnerships, have put us in touch with issues outside of our normal day to day business, which has sometimes challenged our own beliefs and perceptions. Our staff are enthusiastic with some of our engagement programs as it gives them more knowledge outside of their own job roles and work routines.

Our Community Partnerships program continues to engage new groups and associations, all trying to make a positive difference, and whilst we would love to help everyone, sometimes our level of involvement needs to be balanced with what we can afford ourselves. But there are many ways in which community partnerships can be effective for all parties concerned and it just feels so good, when it works for everyone.

Quality Press will continue to re-invest in our community with the clear intention of helping those people who need that helping hand, building our own business identity, and engaging with more customers, through increased products and services.

A genuine win – win – win for everyone.








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