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Does the printed newsletter still hold value?

Does the printed newsletter still hold value?

Does the printed newsletter still hold value?

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The humble printed newsletter is not dead, despite the abundance of newsletter related content filling up our inbox on a daily basis.

There is certainly a place for the digital newsletter and it does have many marketing benefits that outweigh the hard copy version. Digital communications can hit thousands of consumers in the blink of an eye, with minimal distribution costs, and marketers can provide links to other content and websites and even through to online shopping carts. Click through metrics provide valuable user data, to be used in future campaigns and they are relatively cheap and easy to put together.
And they appeal to those people who just want a grab of information, whilst their busy lives has them attending to more important demands.

So assuming that digital newsletter didn’t go straight to the Junk box, or Spam folder and wasn’t deleted without being read, then it may eventually reach an appreciative audience.

How often do you visit a business, hospital, university, sporting association or shopping centre, and see a printed newsletter, available for you to read.
Do they hand you a tablet or iPhone and say “Would you like to read our newsletter?”

Seriously, I’m not dismissing the digital age and the convenience of having information available 24/7, but just consider some of the engaging characteristics that a printed newsletter can provide.

There is something quite personal about a printed piece. The tangibility of having something in your hands to read, itself commands time is set aside to actually absorb the  information of interest. Printed newsletters bring into play our other senses like the touch and feel of a tactile uncoated paper stock, or a smooth velvet finish achieved through coatings applied by the printer. Some publications even have that distinctive smell that teases the imagination.

How many other people read that same newsletter; in the hospital waiting room, a businesses reception area, or public library. They get passed around, shared with coworkers and even have pages copied or cut out! And don’t you know it when your customer doesn’t get their newsletter in the mail box on time!

There is a lot of data out there to demonstrate that consumers have higher trust levels with printed communication, compared to social or email. So a well crafted newsletter with engaging content, good use of graphics and typeface selections and the right paper stocks, will go a long way to placing you in greater standing than your competitors.

So next time you are wanting to engage with your fan base, please consider how the printed newsletter can compliment your digital efforts, bring a different kind of customer into your world and who knows, you both might learn something along the way!

At Quality Press, we produce newsletters every week, in all shapes, sizes and budgets, for a wide mix of customers and industries.
Some are monthly, quarterly or seasonal, but they all seek to inform, educate, entertain and nurture  rewarding customer loyalty.

Please take a moment to click through our “What we do” page on our website, to view some images of newsletters and publications that we provide to our customer base, or you can call us for some complimentary sample and advice. We can even help with the design.

Maybe one day we can produce your printed newsletter as well.