WWE Challenge Accepted: Quality Press Provides Quick Turnaround Printing

WWE Challenge Accepted: Quality Press Provides Quick Turnaround Printing

WWE Challenge Accepted: Quality Press Provides Quick Turnaround Printing

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Credit: WWE

We at Quality Press were honoured to be partnered with the WWE for the WWE RAW Elimination Chamber event on February 24, 2024.

About World Wrestling Entertainment LLC. (WWE)

WWE is owned and operated by TKO Group Holdings (NYSE: TKO) and is the largest wrestling promotion in the world on record. It is responsible for launching the careers of such wrestling legends as The Rock, John Cena and Hulk Hogan. Committed to family-friendly TV-PG content, WWE produces viewable content 52 weeks of the year, streamed to over 1 billion homes worldwide, in 25 different languages and is available in 165 countries via paid subscription.

The promotion is divided into two brands, Raw and SmackDown, both consisting of premium live audience events and scheduled programming. SmackDown, as the name implies, is the “trash talking” intimidation verbal battle between challengers before their upcoming scheduled Raw Elimination Chamber match. This is designed to whip up a frenzy amongst fans and encourage ticket sales for matches and publicity events.

The Elimination Chamber is a match played out in a 36-foot-diameter circular steel cage with a centre and 4 bullet-proof glass chambers. 6 wrestlers participate, with two beginning the match in the centre ring and the other 4 residing in the glass chambers. After a predetermined amount of time, usually 3–4 minutes, the glass chambers are randomly opened to allow a new fighter to fight in the centre. This continues until all chambers have been opened. Wrestlers are eliminated after they have been successfully pinned into submission; the winner is the final wrestler standing in the centre ring.

What Was The Printing Challenge?

Communicating with the US (-10 hour time difference) was going to be a challenge and business communication between the US and Australia always leads to colourful yet cultural behaviour. Once we were offered the pitch, we had 4 hours and 3 team members to punch out a 47-page campaign proposal with a full wow factor included.

How It All Went Down

After submitting our pitch to the WWE event organisers, we then had to reduce it to a 15-page proposal with their own suggestions. That meant that in just under 2 weeks we were to “decipher” all the Imperial artwork supplied, proof approve, print, trim and stitch all the materials in readiness for our installers to install at The Camfield, on Thursday 22nd Feb, the day prior to the event.

On “The Camfield” event day being Friday 23rd of Feb, a last-minute request by the client we urgently print 700 x A1 posters for signing by the wrestlers and 4 x A Frame corflutes within a two hour window from receiving the imperial size art at 2.00pm, resizing to metric size, proofing, plating, printing, drying, trimming, packing and delivering the posters & corflutes at 4.30pm.

Getting the right measurements for the jobs was a hit and miss for us to begin with, as Americans prefer imperial and Australians prefer metric. This meant that, as an added step, we had to play by their rules. Communications were mainly via text and email, so we had to work out the conversions on the spot, and when you are printing according to the time, every second counts.

Gearing Up For Show Time

After the printing was proofed and ready for installation, we had around 2-3 weeks to install the visuals and blanket the event in WWE branding, ready for the big day. Once this was done, we sent the photos to the client back in the US before their arrival.

We were stoked to hear they were super happy with the job done and were ready to kick off the Perth Elimination Chamber with style and hype that befitted a show stopping event worthy of the WWE. We were happy to bring the drama on behalf of Perth for their first visit to our great city.

Total Deliverables

  • 4x corflute flags
  • 20x removable vinyl stickers
  • 3x pull up banners
  • 100x 5 mm corflute table signage
  • 2x backdrop Vinyl banners
  • 12x removable square vinyl stickers on doors
  • 2x 5 mm corflute panels
  • 6x corflute landscape panels
  • 6x 5 mm pillar outdoor corflute panels
  • 16x 5 mm indoor corflute panels
  • 5x long pull up banners
  • 1x event media wall
  • 1x under bar pull up banner
  • 700x A1 Posters

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