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The Future of Commercial Printing

The Future of Commercial Printing

The Future of Commercial Printing

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In an age where digital and mobile technology has taken over the way we share information with each other, this makes many businesses question the effectiveness of traditional marketing. According to eMarketer, last year was the first time that digital advertising spend surpassed print, with 54% versus 46% of the ad market respectively. So, what does this mean for the future of print?

The print industry won’t be disappearing any time soon, as many fear that the future of print is “dead” due to the insurgence of digital marketing. From print ads, flyers, magazines, signage and posters, the tangibility of traditional marketing still holds value for many businesses and consumers alike. Many businesses these days use a mixture of digital and print advertising for marketing – though this may not be the case for all businesses, it is largely dependent on what they wish to achieve from their promotions.

With this in mind, the future of commercial printing is shaped to be strategic in a sense that it complements personalized, integrated communications. The shift towards a personalized nature of communication will see a decrease in mass, undifferentiated printing. In order to remain relevant in a digital boom, the integration of print in a world where we rely on an intangible cloud of information is what completes the connection between consumers and brands.

There are many benefits of utilizing digital platforms in your marketing mix: it’s cheap, convenient and easy to test. These are all great for quick results but excludes a deeper personal interaction between your brand and the consumer. So how can print benefit over digital advertising? We’ve come up with three reasons why it’s important to keep printed media as part of your marketing communications:

Print Ads Create Trust

What digital ads do not offer is physical connection – the tangibility of printed media reinforces brand engagement. Flyers, tickets, brochures, business cards and the like are targeted in an environment where there is face-to-face interaction with a company by creating a more personable interaction with customers. Online advertising, however, can be frustrating as they develop videos ads or cookie-focused ads, in which many people install ad-blockers to stop them appearing. This minimizes brand affiliation as opposed to print, because it reduces the choice of interaction from what is expected.

Establishing and Building Brand Credibility

Magazines and flyers have better reach to specific audiences. You are effectively advertising by targeting communications that’s industry focused to an audience that’s receptive to content-related messages. Your ads also have longer exposure as these magazines can be passed around to different groups of people. How you choose to design your printed promotions will leave an impression with the reader – high quality print and full colour on glossy paper is seen professional at best.

Stand Out With Design

For businesses that need to stand out or rely on networking as part of their success, printed media is the best option for showcasing a brand. You can’t put a website on a coffee table – reaching out to your audiences with dynamic and captivating designs through physical mediums will have greater effect. By cutting through the clutter of the online world, readers can resonate further with print that is tangible and has less distractions around it.

The impact of digital advertising over the print industry hasn’t shown that print is any less effective than online marketing. In fact, the future of commercial printing is seeing resurgence in an era of digital, where the distribution of print has reshaped to fit in with the communication landscape. Quality Press has had nearly 50 years of experience in the commercial printing industry and can assist you with any printing solutions. We understand the importance of communication and can help you create and print designs that will leave a last impression. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help or get a free quote to get started.

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