Sustainable Products and Printed Packaging

Sustainable Products and Printed Packaging

At Quality Press, we aim to provide you with the highest quality printed and branded products, and that doesn’t stop at paper. We now have access to an ever expanding range of branded sustainable merchandise and printed packaging services, ready to be decorated with your companies branding. Whether you are looking to refresh your old corporate branded freebies and saleable merchandise or equip your team and office with eco-friendly minded equipment or stationery, let us help you switch your brand to a renewable investment and go corporate green!

Logo Line Eco Product Range

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Logoline Eco CatalogueVisually Dynamic Products

Logo Line is a leading corporate promotional product supplier of quality branded merchandise for business customers. With an extensive range of Australian made promotional items, they offer cutting edge in-house decorations, gadgets and corporate freebies that their customers will enjoy and can discard without hurting the environment.

Products to Suit Your Business

Founded back in 1995, Logo Line has been a mainstay in the promotional products industry for over 20 years now. In that time they have developed a wide array of products to suit all kinds of businesses in the Australian market, whether for conventions and expos, product or service target marketing promotions or even a complete brand overhaul. Their product catalogue includes writing instruments, anti-stress items, desk accessories, tools, confectionery, plush items, coin banks, personal items, cotton, bamboo & calico bags and more.

Committed To Being A Renewable Investment

Logo Line offers Australian Made products as a boost to the Australian economy and to support local businesses. By sourcing locally made sustainable products they are helping the local sustainable manufacturing industry to grow and provide even more categories of products for small and large businesses to go corporate green.


Promo Brands

Promo Brands TumblersEthical Sourcing and Compliance

Promo brands are an accredited Australian trusted trade member and holders of an Australian recognised Environmental policy certification.They are dedicated to change in commercial and manufacturing practices, reducing their carbon footprint and managing their non recyclable waste. As a core value, they aim to reduce the burden on landfills and promote sustainably made products for commercial use that will last.

Registered Accreditations

Promo Brands operate in compliance with ISO 9001,14001, 45001 global management certifications as well as many other dedicated organisations looking to revolutionise modern Australian business practices and produce quality products without the environmental and community costs of the past. They have signed the Modern Slavery Statement as well as agreed to implement modern and fair operation standards in their supply chains and codes of conduct that will bring measurable change in their industry.

A Quality Promise

Promo Brands’ mission is to deliver premium service and products. As a growing business they always strive for the highest level of product and service satisfaction to generate brand recognition as Australia’s first choice for promotional sustainably made products.


Packaging Board Suppliers

Ball & Doggett

Ball and Doggett PackagingAustralia’s Largest Distributor

As Australia’s largest distributor of printable materials and consumables, Ball & Doggett have been around the block when it comes to printing on raw materials in a community minded way. As proud members of the OVAL Group owned by Japan & Pulp Paper, they are in a prime position to carve a better future for society and the environment through their products and their corporate operations. 

Recognised Accreditations

Ball & Doggett are proud owners of the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification and the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) Certification. Also, as users of the internationally recognised and endorsed ISO 14001 environmental management system, they are committed to continually adapting their business to improve on their environmental impact through commercial outputs and resource dependency.

Go Corporate Green With The Right Partners

With the recognition of being the largest distributors of printable raw materials, Ball & Doggett know they need to step up their game and continue to break barriers in the Australian packaging and printing industry. They are always looking for ways to share their knowledge and make sustainable conversions more accessible to businesses looking to convert to sustainability options as a renewable investment.


Spicers Australia

Spicers KraftpakA Sustainable Promise

Spicers conduct everyday business in a responsible & ethical manner that considers our employees, shareholders and the environment, now and in the future. As a forward thinking business they continue to promote responsible and sustainable business practices across the organisation, which positively impacts the Company’s operational footprint. 

The environmental impact (carbon footprint) of their products has been measured ‘from cradle to grave’: a complete, independent third party life cycle assessment for products that are certified carbon neutral.

Product Quality and Materials

Spicers provides a wide range of products with strong sustainability and environmental credentials, particularly recycled paper products and alternative fibre products such as cotton, hemp or bamboo. Their selection criteria for Paper & Board manufacturers ensures they must have an environmental management system in place that meets, or exceeds an internationally recognised standard. For non-fibre-based materials we ensure considerations are given to attributes such as compostability, biodegradability or recyclability.

A Community Minded Promotional Tool

Spicers take Sustainable product design (also known as eco design) seriously and consider the environmental impacts of the entire product lifecycle – from conception to disposal. They focus on ensuring that natural resources are only used at the same rate as they can be replenished. This means better environmental outcomes and can also reduce operating costs by lowering energy consumption.


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