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Program Printing for Sculpture by the sea

Program Printing for Sculpture by the sea

Program Printing for Sculpture by the sea

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Sculpture by the sea is truly a unique event for WA, being a blend of community, culture and inspiring art, set on a magnificent backdrop of a crystal clear ocean and crisp white sand.

Thousands of people flock to Cottesloe Beach this time every year, to be view, inspect and stand in awe of some of the finest local and international sculptural artworks you will see. From the morning light to the evening sunset, each piece of work tells it’s own unique story and inspires us to know more. This year, there are works from over 70 sculptures from 11 countries.

No exhibition is complete unless you have a well designed program, that allows you to delve deeper into each artwork. Learn about the artist, understand the inspiration and appreciate the skill in bringing it to life. This year, Quality Press has produced two programs for Sculptures by the sea; the main exhibition catalogue with the site map and a kids guide, which is full of activities and information to keep them entertained.

At Quality Press, we know how important event printing is. Whether its a printed program, posters, flyers, signs or banners, we do it all and help take the pressure off you, so you can concentrate on other important tasks. You need it delivered on time and right every time and that’s why you need to talk to us about your event printing requirements.

When you are visiting Sculpture by the sea this year, you will also see the wide variety of signs that we have produced, to help direct you around, keep you safe and informed.

Get in touch with us today for more information or a quote request if you know what you need.

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